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Sally Fgan
Young Georgian designer
Collection: "Desinto"

Nuki Koshkhelishvili, Tika Jamburia, Ruska swallowed, Nini Karseladze, Eco Fanagani and many other famous faces are a talented Georgian designer Sally Fangan's wardrobe. Sally participated in the contest of "Nummers" held in 2014 in the fashion week of Tbilisi, he was distinguished with individualism and sophistication.

By 2016, Sally offered a very nice collection of customers. His inspiration, as always Salvador Dalia, today is the name of this genius painter in the fashion and elite society, not his works, but the sali fanan. This extraordinary girl has worked hard to achieve such success, now in New York, and from there trying not to fall behind the Tbilisi fashion.

Sally has recently married and soon becomes her mother, you probably agree that it is difficult to concentrate on my family and study at one of the most important designs of the school. In one of the crowded streets of New York, Broadway and Time arranged a photo session on the screens, the main character of which was Nuki Koshkhelishvili.

The film, which was 71 years ago, is the main line of Sally Fangan's collection. Desinto is the name of his new collection that does not leave anyone indifferent, the college is minimalist and sophisticated, and that is why it is well-known critics who appreciate his works. Ballerinas are the main draw of the collection that marks beauty and sophistication. The designer has used a natural bar, casket shells, trousers and a natural body to create this dress. The collection is divided into two parts with a black line that is very elegant and is ideal for a visit or an important meeting, because you express yourself in this fashion of beauty and strength. For desert styl and for everyday use, Desinto T-shirts are the best, because it perfectly fits the body and is available to everyone. You can buy its models in Co.Mode and Co.Lab.

Sali Pangani SPCS ™
Fashion Designer, Handmade

Salvador Dali by Sali Pangani

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Category: Fashion / Georgians

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