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The fashion trends and fashion trends are changing with the speed of lightning, despite the fact that Michael Kors always maintains and maintains the style, this fashion week assured us that it is highly appreciated. The presentation of spring-summer collection of RTW in 2017 was a source of excitement. Michael Kors's tasting pin-app style swim suits her with a floral printed dresses and shoes, and when it is less romantic, it is the romantic character of the shirt style and the pajamas used by the wrist to use the thin waist. This is the chore of the chore - to balance the feminine and masculine. The collection itself is as follows: '40s-by-way-of-the-'80s twist. Her inspiration is that she is strong women who control everything, but they do not forget their female side, and they are confidently fluttering and provocatively.

Rufus Wainwright was singing music by Live Performance. Front-Row of the testimony was remarkable for VIP guests. The designer has traditionally invited the most popular and demanding models: Joan Smolys, Taylor Hill, Rome Strip, Bela Hardy, Kendall Jener, Julia Nobis, Mika Arganarazi, and the show by Carolyn Murphy.

Without a slight incident, "Model of the Year" Bela Haddi suffered a failure and fell on the podium, which speaks about the designer's uncooperative shoe.


Category: Fashion

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