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Phrases in the autumn

Phrases in the autumn

 Autumn smell. I love Russian autumn. Something incredibly sad, attractive and
 Beautiful. It is terribly tired to travel somewhere with cranes. [Chekhov]

Winter is engraving, spring - watercolor, summer - oil painted canvas, and autumn - all of them mosaic.

Autumn - the back of the year, the most impressive smile.

 Autumn - the second spring when each leaf is a flower.

Autumn's first breath - just happiness after a hot summer.

I love autumn, I love the scents that I will feel. As such, things and things will stop the existence. The things you do not care about ...

Excellent autumn! I feel it with all the spirit, and if I were to be a bird, I would let the earth search for the next fall.

I trust the nature of her beauty and practicality as a rule of law: sowing spring and falling to the end of mankind.

Every autumn I will spare ... [Pushkin]

I love autumn flies. They are the most lonely creatures on earth.

Every year, something dies in you when the leaves fall on the leaves, and naked tones are lonely in the winter windy weather. [Hemingway]

The best time of the year is September, if the weather is sunny.

Now everything goes back. As in the film - when the action takes off from the front: the pudding is back from the water, on the trampoline. It sees a seamless, thumb-up window that you open in June, to wear tennis shoes, which is also put in June and is still spotted in the corner shoe. Now people are hiding in houses as a cuckoo hiding in the hour of cigarette, after which time will be reported. Hear the voice of the door of the door, all the noise is solved except for the trumpet of the leaves that are torn from the tree. [Bradbury]

The summer was quiet and the autumn decided to make a padlock, until spring does not appear.

Even one fallen leaf is a sign of the fall of the fall.

Autumn leaves its lightness, gradually moving into the cold and dull season. I do not even ask you to see me farewell in the summer.

As opposed to megapolis, the autumn's clean and pleasant aroma can not be buried.

When a special man appears in your life, the autumn feels more beautiful ... you can not see the rain .. only colored umbrellas!
Happiness can come to any season. Happiness - In general, we say that the fifth season, which is coming, does not make the time, date, calendar and the like. It looks like a constant spring that is always with you, narrower of Oranjare, beyond the glass window.

I do not like autumn when I am in wait. I'm waiting for a person who does not have any sense of autumn.

I want to see how the lower leaf is falling. I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of thinking. I want to get rid of all the things that make me smile down, down and down as one of the sad, tired leaves. [Oh Henry]

The humid and cold amid around it seemed to be the end of the summer. Already in the air spills the illuminated sidewalks, mobs on the head and the top of the capshine.
The fall is human soul. Spring, summer, any season, no weather. So that the same rain is full of joy and joy, and the other is fulfilled, full of sadness and more hidden in raining. The weather is in us, and the rain ... just rains. The evil comes from our souls, the evil and the good, the happiness and the sadness of the rain.

Category: Fun, Interesting / Photos

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