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ამ ბოლო დროს ინტერნეტ სივცრეში ძალიან დიდი პოპულარობით სარგებლობს 7 წამიანი "ვიდეო" ეგრეთ წოდებული "ვაინი"(Vine).გთავაზობთ რამოდენიმე სახალისო ვაინს.

Going to school on a Friday vs. Going to school on a Monday

Prank Fail Vine

Let's take a picture

When you're too lazy

Me after watching Toy Story

Nerd style vandalism

When you can't find your phone upon waking up


Young Miley doesn't approve

Girls laugh vs. My laugh

Can I copy your homework?

I'm Not afraid

When your teacher tries to give you homework over the weekend

გაზი არ არის?

When you're the first one to finish a test

Do you get scared easely?

I'm blind too

How Guys Cook Their Fries

How black guys type

When the teacher bends over to help a student

When people slurp their drinks

Skeleton Drive Thru Prank

Why are people always falling scary movies?!

When your friend yells at your crush in middle school...

This will make you pee your pants...

Girl just wanna have fun

Thank you...

Category: Fun, Interesting

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