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Every day there are a lot of symbols around us.
At first glance they are ordinary characters, but each of them has an explanation and purpose

 Feather was considered a symbol of spiritual development and uphill. For Indians and Celtic culture, it was a symbol of union and wisdom. Even Egyptians believed that feathers were in contact with the God of heaven. And in the Christian world, he expressed his goodwill. The seal that reflected 3 feathers: charity, hope, and faith.

• Ups and downs

Symbols and their meaning

 At first glance you may think that the arrow is just a weapon,
But it has a lot of meaning.

fight and direction
• Success (career)
hunting, war
education, rising sun, holiness
Americans took the arrow as a symbol of men

Symbols and their meaning

Symbols and their meaning


 Some people perceive the heart as the only source,
But since ancient times she has gained a lot of meaning.

Knowledge, learning, love
The heart is also a symbol of soul
• In some countries the heart is the symbol of God
• In China, the heart is considered a defender of the house

Symbols and their meaning


 Triangle is now one of the most popular symbols,
Use it as a jewel in tattoos.

• In some countries the triangle is associated with God
marks light
The strength of the ladies
Today is a fashionable symbol

Symbols and their meaning


 The cross is a symbol of Christianity, but in the last time too
They often use tattoos as well as jewelry or prints on the garment

The symbol of Christianity
The calmness of the earth
• The calm of the soul
• Four crosses of the cross indicate four natural disasters

Symbols and their meaning


 The moon has been a symbol of mystics since then, and in recent times, it is often seen among trendy trends.
mysticism, magic, time
Emotion, feelings, shadow
Start a new one

Symbols and their meaning

 The triangular shape diamond, diamond form is found in different variations. It embodies purity, transparency and wisdom, high levels of development and strong energy.

light radiance
• Development of
Transparency, holiness

Category: Fun, Interesting

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