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# Hot summer cinema in the cinema
The main film festival of this summer - "suicide squad" since August 4!

Suicide Squad - One of the most acclaimed films that fans of comic books have been waiting for since August 4th in Georgian cinemas. American DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures of the comics are the most evil superheroes ready to save the world! Anti-heroes have the only chance to correct the American government's order, but the detachment is doomed from the very beginning because the mission and return of the mission is almost impossible.

Directed by David Eier, he gained a great acting troupe: Margo Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Letto, Jake Courtney, Kara Dellevin, Yule Kinamani, Viola Davis. He also made a script for the film, which has been working since 2014. The film is taken in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D quality.

As we know, the actors were happy to join the famous anti-heroes of the face, Harley Quinn's character, Margo Robbie, Joker's Jarred Letto, Will Smith and Deadshot, and Ben Fleck again in the role of Batman ... They say that the film crew Even tattoos were remembered, the phrase "SKWAD" Margo and Will . Jared Letto was so intriguing that he kept the Joker's image in free time even when he was saying that his behavior often caused fear to his relatives.

The film was written and the soundtrack was carefully selected. The main soundtrack consists of twenty one pilots "Heathens", Skrillex & Rick Ross "Sucker for Pain", Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons "Purple Lamborghini", Eminem "Without Me", Skylar Gray "Wreak Havoc", Grace "You Don ' t Own Me "(featuring G-Eazy) ... also created machines, for example Jokermobile Infiniti's G35 Vaydor version. It is also worth mentioning the creations of the designers of vazhaizist and costume for the movie.

Suicide squad (2016)

CAV 13:30 8-9 ლ RUS 2D
CEP 13:30 8-9 ლ RUS 2D
AMI 14:00 9-10 ლ RUS 2D
RUS 14:15 9-10 ლ RUS 3D
CEP 14:40 8-9 ლ RUS 2D
RUS 14:45 9-10 ლ RUS 2D
CEP 15:00 19 ლ RUS 3D IMAX
CAV 16:15 9-10 ლ RUS 2D
AMI 16:45 10-11 ლ RUS 3D
RUS 17:00 10-11 ლ RUS 3D
CEP 17:20 10-11 ლ RUS 3D
CEP 17:30 19 ლ RUS 3D IMAX
CAV 19:10 12-13 ლ RUS 2D
AMI 19:15 13-14 ლ RUS 3D
AMI 19:30 13-14 ლ ENG 3D
APO 19:30 10 ლ RUS 2D
RUS 19:45 13-14 ლ RUS 3D
CEP 19:45 12-13 ლ RUS 3D
CEP 20:00 19 ლ ENG 3D IMAX

CAV 21:30 12-13 ლ ENG 2D
CAV 21:55 12-13 ლ RUS 2D
AMI 22:00 13-14 ლ RUS 3D
CEP 22:00 12-13 ლ ENG 2D
APO 22:00 10 ლ RUS 2D
CEP 22:30 19 ლ RUS 3D IMAX
RUS 22:30 13-14 ლ RUS 3D
CEP 22:30 12-13 ლ RUS 3D[/left]

Category: Fun, Interesting / Films, Movies / Event

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