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Unique filmmaking on big screens is just one day - September 8th!
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Documentary Film / Concert

Directed by Andrew Dominick, Nick Keev and Band The Bad Seeds, in a serious process of working on a new music album, the song is picturized on each song from the new album. Documentaries, interviews, and flashbacks are attached to the narrative itself, the musician speaks about his creative inspirations, emotions and obstacles. The recording and filming began in 2014, and the director will present these footage in 3D format on black-and-white tape. On September 8, a documentary film will be screened in 650 cinemas around the world, only for 1 day! From the next day, the album will go on sale. The viewer will be able to evaluate Nick Kay's new album "Skeleton Tree" before his official launch!

Cinematography in Georgia Cavea Tbilisi Mall will be hosted in 3D format
8 September21:00 Price: 21 LariENG 3D


An Australian alternative rock band that has become legendary (by post-punk influence) is the international phenomenon of soloist Nick Keew. It is difficult to sign up for a particular period of time, since 1984, the band maintains its style: lyrical, melancholic, bronze, indefatigable and sexy, often mystical, heavy and dramatic. The nickname, which writes the songs, mainly reveals his personal emotions. She does not avoid the difficulties, her liveliness is distinguished by an energetic and emotional performance that is dramatically embedded with melancholic-sexual nature. Overwhelming emotions, Nick has devastated everything - reality and fantasy, which interferes with each other. The user is a true artist. He does not hold his creations in one album. The band's Skeleton Tree will be the 16th studio album, followed by a documentary film, with all the shots and stories that the album could not cover. His previous album, Push the Sky Away, was followed by the book The Sick Bag Song, which described Nick's emotions in the form of his recordings.

Category: Fun, Interesting / Stars

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